Intro to How to Create a Happy and Healthy Home Inside and Out

Intro How to Create a Happy and Healthy Home Inside and Out

Now more than ever we need our homes to be a sanctuary, a place where we can feel safe and find joy. The goal of this 4-week series is to help you create a home that better suits you and your family. And most importantly, you will learn what steps you can take to improve your home’s health, functionality, and freshness. Don’t worry … you’ll find some easy and simple ideas that don’t cost much but could have a big impact.

We’ve all spent more time than ever in our homes over the last couple of years. And with that, we’ve seen our life at home evolve to meet changing and sometimes challenging needs.

Now not only HGTV fans are focusing more on their homes. There is a need and a yearning for our homes to become not only a haven for us but a place where we can comfortably and confidently go about our daily lives.

Here’s what you can expect for the next four weeks:

Week 1: Make Your Home More Healthy with Simple Changes

Every homeowner can do a better job of making their home more healthy when it comes to indoor air quality, water quality, toxins from everyday products, and other potential health hazards. This article will take a look at what you can do about dust particles (and nasty dust mites), allergens and pollutants in the air; mold and moisture consequences; and chemicals and toxins when purchasing products for your home. Taking action could help you reduce health issues, such as asthma, allergies, headaches, fatigue, and developmental delays.

Week 2: Creating a Welcoming Home — Curb Appeal for Homeowners

Homeowners should smile and feel good when they see their home from the street — and so should their guests! But if you’re not feeling the joy when approaching your home outside, then it’s time to do something about it. This article should provide you with some encouragement when it comes to sprucing up the front of your home — whether it is painting your front door with a fresh new color, jazzing it up with some updated exterior hardware, adding some bold greenery, and etc. Lots of simple and fun projects that make it welcoming!

Week 3: Inspiring Ideas for a More User-Friendly Home

Are you ready to reimagine your home and how you use it? If you’re like many homeowners, there’s probably a need to create zones for work, play, study, exercise, and sleep. And even embracing any outdoor space! This article will take a look at what you can do when it comes to space, technology, gadgets, and storage options to make your home more functional, beautiful, and a better fit for you and your family. Now more than ever our homes need to be versatile and that can be accomplished even with low cost solutions!

Week 4: Easy Ways to Refresh and Clean Your Home

Here’s your chance to learn how to better wipe out grime and smells in your home. Creating a home that feels fresh and gleaming will bring you a sense of accomplishment (give yourself a pat on the back!) and even more affection for your abode. You’ll get a rundown on some “housekeeping” tasks you might have never thought twice about — but once you do, you’ll be thankful.

As you can see, this 4-week series — How to Create a Happy and Healthy Home Inside and Out — is the perfect antidote for those of you needing to find more love for your home. Make sure you check your email each week!